Blue Star Electronics (E-Waste recycling)

Convenient Recycling Pickup in Your Area

We all have it, both at work and at home. Schools have it, churches have it, your favorite restaurant, the local gas station, and even the library.

With technology comes e-waste. When our electronics have seen their last days, or have just become outdated, what we do with them is important. What happens when dumping them in a landfill is not an option?

Fortunately for us, Blue Star Company, a premier, authorized e-waste recycler and handler will dispose of our electronics for us. Conveniently, and for free, they will pick up our old technology in the Bay Area, so that we can rest easy knowing that the part we’ve played in recycling for good, has been validated. 

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Blue Star Company, once notified by email, will send a vehicle to pick up your discards and deliver them safely to their reclamation center for separation, proper destruction and disposal. Some items are reused, reclaimed or recycled. Other items such as hard drives with sensitive data are always physically destroyed for your safety. It is Blue Star’s promise to you that their destruction services are among the very best and your old data will be destroyed, never to be used against you.

By being aware that BlueStar will come to you, and your electronic products will be correctly disposed of, you will rest easier with less stress about what will happen next to your technology. Knowing that our environment is in good hands with Blue Star Company…priceless!

Check out their website: or and fill out the form via email.

Thank you for your interest in Blue Star Company, and for the enthusiasm to recycle for the good of our planet. 

Blue Star Electronics (E-Waste recycling)

Earth Day 2017 -What we can do to help!

Earth Day is Saturday, April 22, and we are reminded that we need to do our part to help keep our planet, and scaled down…our own neighborhood, beautiful. We plant trees, collect debris and refuse from our parks, gutters, and streets, and try to save on our fuel and use of energy. We will stand tall in our beliefs and efforts which truly help to bring about change. By collecting what has been rejected, we are taught how to discard safely and securely.

Many cities preside over programs that we can take part it, such as festivals, to bring awareness, and how to beautify our world, although, locally.

It is up to each one of us to make a difference. We should always keep our responsibility to clean up and give back to the planet, in mind. For just one day a year, it’s time to toss the calendar, and readjust how we think about doing our part.

Many schools donate class time to Earth Day. Speakers may visit classrooms and educate students on how they can help, and why it’s in their best interest to adopt good housekeeping habits now and far into the future. Some look to this day each year to be together, volunteer, and thrive as a family. It’s a win-win!

Blue Star Company, Inc., has served as a catalyst in recycling for good. Hosting free recycling events for large corporations, Blue Star teaches the proper way to handle e-waste and how to correctly recycle items safely. (Blue Star Company provides out-of-use electronic (e-waste) pickups for businesses and corporations throughout the year.)

Be aware that there are many locations hosting clean-up events in your area. There are many activities, again, designated for education and entertainment. Plant a tree to bring back foliage and bloomers, creating gardens or rows of beauty.

You may want to bike to an event in your city to cut down on emissions, while getting your “healthy on.”  Find a safe trail that takes you to places that might need a little love.

Be safe, be healthy, be environmentally conscious. What do you have to lose…besides an unhealthy environment?

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Solar Panels or Wind Energy? Which Is Best For You?

imagesSolar power and wind (power) turbine generators have both become front-runners in energy-saving technology.  They are the two main focal points in renewable energy systems today. Residential capabilities and accessibility in Bay Area neighborhoods lean more toward solar, however, wind generators have their advantages in rural or open areas.

Solar panels attract the sun’s rays, where wind turbines do not rely on the sun. They are most effective where there is a breeze or chances of high winds, such as on the shoreline, to generate power.

Solar and wind turbines are both advantageous to our environment, where they produce clean energy. They both can produce energy to heat a home, swimming pool, and even be a “driving” force for your electric car.

Solar panels are attached to a roof, are easy to install, and they provide no noise. A wind turbine’s effectiveness on a roof would not be as productive citing noise coming through walls, for example. (Check with your city about installation, as some cities might frown on wind generators within normal city or town limits.)

Both solar and wind turbines can be tied to or not tied to the energy grid; however, both will need a battery bank if you decide to use an “off-the-grid” system. They both can save us money, although, solar panels are more costly.

Wind generators will produce energy from the wind 24/7. They do not require the sun to be effective in saving energy and money. Solar panels require the power of the sun and can only be harnessed during sunlight hours. Where solar panels are pretty much maintenance free after installation, they will need to be cleaned. They will collect dust and dirt which prevents sunlight from coming in. Solar panels do have a 25-year guarantee, and are more reliable. There is a chance, though, for damage from something like a baseball, rock, or hail. They, however, have no moving parts and produce no noise. Where pretty much the only maintenance of a solar panel would be cleaning, wind turbines have moving parts.

Wind generators may require repair and replacement of its moving parts on occasion. Their propellers are detrimental to birds, and they also provide noise coming from the propellers. Where wind turbines are less expensive to obtain, maintenance can be more costly.

By doing research on solar power vs. wind power, you will determine which system for your energy savings, is best for you.


“Christmas is the Spirit of Giving without A Thought of Getting.” ~Thomas Monson

large_transparent_christmas_tree_with_presents_clipart  Christmas is a time to reflect upon the true meaning of the holy season which guides our hearts and prepares us for all things good. We are called upon to demonstrate kindness, understanding, and patience toward others.

During this season of giving, we are reminded of those who are less fortunate: the lonely, displaced, and disadvantaged families in our world, and we are called upon to offer hope. While it is up to each one of us, often the gift of just one smile might bring anticipation out of despair.

In a few days, we will celebrate the birth of Christ and all of what that means.  We are blessed to have so much where and how we live. Be thankful this Christmas as you enter into your time of giving and receiving, to remember why He was born. Celebrate with a light heart since what matters is the gift of your presence among those who love and are loved by you.

We, at BlueStar Company appreciate your business and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a blessed and prosperous 2017.

Blue Star Electronics (E-Waste recycling)

Giving Thanks

Pinecone-Turkeys-Craft            For the gifts of family and friends, we give thanks. It’s that time of year when we express our appreciation for those we hold dear. We join on Thanksgiving to commemorate the very first gathering with native fare.

Looking to our sense of compassion and humility, we find the true spirit of the season. No matter how, where, or with whom we gather together, the feeling of family is present. The ritual of meeting and eating somehow brings hearts close with conversation, laughter, and camaraderie. We share with those who bring us joy.

We give thanks for those who mean the most to us; but also, for all that we have. Our clients are our lifeblood and no holiday would be complete without a heartfelt thank you for the gift of their business and friendship. Thank you never seems to be enough.

As we ponder on all that we have, we must first remember our incredible gift of life…why we live, where we live, with whom, and most importantly, how we live. Make each day count, remain positive, love one another, and show gratitude always. We have so much to be grateful for, and need to realize that each day.

We, at Blue Star Company Inc. are grateful for you, and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.


Help Support the Children


“Since 1984 We have provided Christ-centered services and housing to over 11,000 battered and homeless women and children.”


Shepherd’s Gate, a non-profit organization for emotionally, and physically scarred women and children, is a true blessing to families. Not supported by the state or government agencies, the 501(c) 3 charity is sustained only by the generous donations provided by churches, corporations, foundations, other organizations, and individuals. Shepherd’s Gate runs on love, compassion, and good-will from the community.

Blue Star Company Inc., located in Brentwood, CA. is a premier recycling company, which is well-known for their involvement in the community for their recycling, reclaiming, and reuse efforts. Blue Star Company Inc. serves both the residential and commercial communities to help alleviate toxins from our air and landfills by collecting old electronics that have outlived their usefulness.

Blue Star Company Inc., with an affinity to help keep our environment cleaner for the next generation, has found a partner in Shepherd’s Gate. Finding a desire to help children, the professionals at Blue Star felt a need to donate toys to help support the children affected by the stress and depression that accompany their families. It can be daunting for small children to abruptly leave their living situation and move into unfamiliar surroundings. The gifts of new toys can help children feel more comfortable faster and become more resilient in their new circumstances.

Shepherd’s Gate gladly accepts donations of  clothing, as well as monetary contributions. Their address is: 1660 Portola Ave., Livermore, Ca 94551, and can be reached at 925-443-4283. They also welcome community volunteers.

Shepherd’s Gate Brentwood  Location is : 605 Sycamore Ave Brentwood, CA 94513



Opening of New Location in Brentwood

We, at Blue Star Company, Inc., are excited to share the great news of our opening on June 1, 2016, in Brentwood, CA. We are a full-service electronics recycling company and cater to businesses and individuals who need to purge their technology to make room for new products.
Blue Star Company offers an e-waste drop-off for consumers and collects a nominal charge for televisions and printers. Our business clientele is offered free recycling of computers, monitors, and laptops. We provide pickup, as well, of your old electronics to ensure of proper disposal. To leave your technology or dump it in a landfill only contributes to the toxins that damage our world.
Blue Star Company is a responsible recycling company. We form partnerships with those industries who offer services which allow us to recycle, reclaim, or reissue technology products. We do not sell to foreign entities that are not held accountable.
Offering hard-drive shredding is an important part of our business. Your data is vital and needs to stay secure. By eliminating any threat of your security being compromised, you have one less thing to worry about when recycling or reissuing your electronics with us.
At Blue Star Company, recycling is effortless and we take special care with your technology, as we go the extra mile for our clients.
By partnering with business customers to either purchase their assets outright, or offering a profit-share system, we provide our clients with a way to recoup funds on computers, and servers, etc. For more details, please visit our website at
For a comprehensive list of electronics that are recyclable and how we may help with your quest to help save our environment, please visit our website.

We will be adding more locations in 2017,2018…. For franchise opportunities  please contact us



Earth Day 2016

Earth-Day-2015Earth Day, April 22nd, is not only a movement that was started in 1970 by John McConnell; it also promises to be the making of history in 2016. Earth Day was created as a way for us to give back to our Mother Earth by planting trees, cleaning up America, and saving on energy and fuels. In other words, we began the movement to solve environmental issues. Many programs, festivals, and groups gather to beautify our parks, clean up beaches, walk or bike to work, and raise awareness of our environment.

This year, history will be made as President Barack Obama, and Chinese President Xi Jinping sign the Paris Climate Agreement on Earth Day. The ceremony highlights the signing of this agreement which aims to reduce global warming.

As we look ahead, it is our responsibility to restore, give back and clean up. It is our Earth and we can afford, for at least one day, to indulge her.  We owe her that much.

By taking time to do our part, we all win. Just becoming aware alone will prove to be a significant move toward developing good habits in recycling, and how to take care of our future. Teaching our children next weekend, will help them adopt our good behavior when they inherit our legacy.

Blue Star Electronic Recycling is an active participant each year by hosting a myriad of free recycling drop-off events for corporations. The e-waste is properly recycled locally and in a secure manner.

(Please remember also that Blue Star Electronic Recycling provides electronic waste pickups for businesses and corporations throughout the year.)

There are many activities in your area that will be devoted to learning more about how we can help on a daily basis. Picking up trash in a public setting, and planting a tree or flowers will help our parks thrive. By learning more about the vehicles we drive and how riding a bike is healthy for us in more than one way, we give back to the future of our children.

Earth Day 2016 is a weekend filled with many opportunities to get involved and have fun with your family, while learning and engaging in those events that are smart for our environment, as well as our health overall.


Welcome To Blue Star Electronic Recycling

Blue Star Electronic Recycling is a full service electronics recycling company. Computers, IT equipment, laptops and other electronic devices are received from individuals, small and large corporations and are recycled locally. Blue star maintains strict environmental and social standards. Services include Free Pickup of Electronics, Asset Recovery, Facility Clean-out and hard drive shredding. Call now (408) 210-4121 or email and visit their website

Blue Star Electronics (E-Waste recycling)

Happy Holidays from Blue Star Recycling Company!

Holidays-2560x1810         The holidays are upon us and we celebrate! With bright, colorful lights, images

and sayings of the season, and a giving attitude, we align ourselves with what’s

right in the world.

At this time of year especially, we look to how we can help one another.  We

stretch ourselves in ways that we never imagined to give of our time, our

goodwill, and to offer a diverse array of resources.

As we open our hearts this Christmastime, be aware of amazing ways to reach

out. As you do, you will experience huge benefits in the spirit of the season. Our

purposes here may be different; however, there is no difference in the way that

we give back to those around us – and to those who have touched our lives in

various ways.

Recycling, reclaiming, and reissuing are also important ways in which we give

back. Do so with enthusiasm for our planet.

As we relinquish our deep-rooted technology that once brought us bliss, it is now

time for new experiences, opportunities, and tools to make our lives and those of

others more joyful and productive. By acknowledging that our good deeds help

our population; we allow our thoughts and deeds to turn toward sharing,

celebrating, and creating a new existence for ourselves and those around us.

We take this opportunity to thank our customers for their tremendous generosity

this year.

No matter how you say it…Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays – we, at Blue Star

Recycling Company, wish you and yours a very special holiday season.