Blue Star Electronics (E-Waste recycling)

Convenient Recycling Pickup in Your Area

We all have it, both at work and at home. Schools have it, churches have it, your favorite restaurant, the local gas station, and even the library.

With technology comes e-waste. When our electronics have seen their last days, or have just become outdated, what we do with them is important. What happens when dumping them in a landfill is not an option?

Fortunately for us, Blue Star Company, a premier, authorized e-waste recycler and handler will dispose of our electronics for us. Conveniently, and for free, they will pick up our old technology in the Bay Area, so that we can rest easy knowing that the part we’ve played in recycling for good, has been validated. 

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Blue Star Company, once notified by email, will send a vehicle to pick up your discards and deliver them safely to their reclamation center for separation, proper destruction and disposal. Some items are reused, reclaimed or recycled. Other items such as hard drives with sensitive data are always physically destroyed for your safety. It is Blue Star’s promise to you that their destruction services are among the very best and your old data will be destroyed, never to be used against you.

By being aware that BlueStar will come to you, and your electronic products will be correctly disposed of, you will rest easier with less stress about what will happen next to your technology. Knowing that our environment is in good hands with Blue Star Company…priceless!

Check out their website: or and fill out the form via email.

Thank you for your interest in Blue Star Company, and for the enthusiasm to recycle for the good of our planet. 

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