Earth Day 2016

Earth-Day-2015Earth Day, April 22nd, is not only a movement that was started in 1970 by John McConnell; it also promises to be the making of history in 2016. Earth Day was created as a way for us to give back to our Mother Earth by planting trees, cleaning up America, and saving on energy and fuels. In other words, we began the movement to solve environmental issues. Many programs, festivals, and groups gather to beautify our parks, clean up beaches, walk or bike to work, and raise awareness of our environment.

This year, history will be made as President Barack Obama, and Chinese President Xi Jinping sign the Paris Climate Agreement on Earth Day. The ceremony highlights the signing of this agreement which aims to reduce global warming.

As we look ahead, it is our responsibility to restore, give back and clean up. It is our Earth and we can afford, for at least one day, to indulge her.  We owe her that much.

By taking time to do our part, we all win. Just becoming aware alone will prove to be a significant move toward developing good habits in recycling, and how to take care of our future. Teaching our children next weekend, will help them adopt our good behavior when they inherit our legacy.

Blue Star Electronic Recycling is an active participant each year by hosting a myriad of free recycling drop-off events for corporations. The e-waste is properly recycled locally and in a secure manner.

(Please remember also that Blue Star Electronic Recycling provides electronic waste pickups for businesses and corporations throughout the year.)

There are many activities in your area that will be devoted to learning more about how we can help on a daily basis. Picking up trash in a public setting, and planting a tree or flowers will help our parks thrive. By learning more about the vehicles we drive and how riding a bike is healthy for us in more than one way, we give back to the future of our children.

Earth Day 2016 is a weekend filled with many opportunities to get involved and have fun with your family, while learning and engaging in those events that are smart for our environment, as well as our health overall.

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