Blue Star Electronics (E-Waste recycling)

Happy Holidays from Blue Star Recycling Company!

Holidays-2560x1810         The holidays are upon us and we celebrate! With bright, colorful lights, images

and sayings of the season, and a giving attitude, we align ourselves with what’s

right in the world.

At this time of year especially, we look to how we can help one another.  We

stretch ourselves in ways that we never imagined to give of our time, our

goodwill, and to offer a diverse array of resources.

As we open our hearts this Christmastime, be aware of amazing ways to reach

out. As you do, you will experience huge benefits in the spirit of the season. Our

purposes here may be different; however, there is no difference in the way that

we give back to those around us – and to those who have touched our lives in

various ways.

Recycling, reclaiming, and reissuing are also important ways in which we give

back. Do so with enthusiasm for our planet.

As we relinquish our deep-rooted technology that once brought us bliss, it is now

time for new experiences, opportunities, and tools to make our lives and those of

others more joyful and productive. By acknowledging that our good deeds help

our population; we allow our thoughts and deeds to turn toward sharing,

celebrating, and creating a new existence for ourselves and those around us.

We take this opportunity to thank our customers for their tremendous generosity

this year.

No matter how you say it…Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays – we, at Blue Star

Recycling Company, wish you and yours a very special holiday season.

Recycling Events

Drop Off Your e-Waste in the Berkley Emeryville Area Oct. 29th (This Friday for Free)

Leapfrog Inc.

Is Hosting a Fund Raising

Free E-Waste recycling Drop Off

October 29th

Drop off location:
6401 Hollis St.

Emeryville, CA 94608-1463

Accepted items:

o Monitors any size

o TVs (any)

o Computers

o Laptops

o Servers

o Network Equipment

o Printers (any)

o Copiers

o Keyboards

o All Electronics


o Phones


o DVD Players


o VCR Players


o Microwaves

If you have any questions about an item please call (510) 259-1879 or Go to
our website at