Recycling Old Electronics before School

bus-tripWith summer winding down, you might begin thinking about your school electronics. Your school or college should have a recycling plan for your old technology. Instructors and school officials need to be aware of what to do with old recyclables. Calling for an appointment or dropping off at our location is a wise decision to keep us all safe from the hazards that could potentially send fumes, dust and particles into the air that are definitely harmful to our health. Our waterways are also at risk. Disposing properly will ensure a brighter future for our environment.

While shopping for new electronics be mindful that landfills, and dumpsters are not the places for your old computers, laptops, printers, monitors and wiring. BlueStar Recycling offers many programs to relieve your school or company of the hardware that has a destiny to become another usable part of our lives.

Drop-offs are always welcome at our facility in Hayward. We, at BlueStar Recycling are also willing to pick up at your school, college, or company. On occasion, events are held to drop-off electronics to benefit charitable organizations.

In Turn we also Re- Sell LCD Monitors, Computers and Laptops at great prices.

While wishing you a great year, we thank you and look forward to serving you in your concerted efforts to help save our environment.    

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Recycling Events

Earth Day 2011 Free E Waste Recycling Event in Emeryville This Friday

Free E-Waste recycling Drop Off Friday April 22nd 8:30am-1:30pm

Drop off Location: 6401 Hollis St #100, Emeryville, CA

This is your chance to get rid of that old TV and Electronics waste come and celebrate Earth Day and save the Earth. Any Questions about any item to recycle please call Blue Star Electronics, LLC  Call 510-259-1879