Curbside Recycling is it Safe?

curb side ewasteHaving unquestionable faith in the curbside electronic pickups can be challenging. When we have spent technology that dearly needs to be recycled, reclaimed, or reused, it’s our responsibility to seek out a good recycling company who can be trusted to dispose them properly. When we place our belongings on the curb, do we know what happens to them? Will they be portioned off responsibly, or sold to the highest bidder in another country?
Often it’s hard enough to give up our technology; doing the right thing to help the environment. We do become attached to that monitor, cellphone, laptop, or tablet, and we often give them nicknames. It’s for our own good that we replace what has outlived its usefulness; however, we need to find a responsible recycler – one who is accountable for reselling the parts to the right handler once we have learned to let go.
BlueStar Recycling Company, in Hayward, CA is an experienced recycler that we can depend on for disposing of our electronics correctly. We can be assured that once the components, glass, wire, metal, and plastics have all been separated, a trusted third party may get involved in the sale of those parts to build new, current, and often cutting-edge technology that will help make our lives easier and more efficient.
Before you place your electronics on the curb, please consider a person-to-person pick up or drop-off with BlueStar Recycling Company – a responsible recycle, reuse, reclaim, and resale enterprise.

Blue Star Electronics (E-Waste recycling)



Earth Day…April 22, is a notable event celebrating our environment. Recognized annually, we exhibit characteristics supporting: practical education, activities to clean up our surroundings, and recycling items that are toxic to our population, and atmosphere.

First proposed in 1969, by John McConnell – peace activist, Earth Day was founded to honor our Earth, with a way to bring about peace. On April 22, 1970, Earth Day was made official in the United States, engaging activities focusing on ecological concerns.

We are encouraged to participate in Earth Day events that not only promote harmony, but also to remove those items that could be deemed harmful to our planet.

Bluestar Recycling Company is committed to helping rid the planet of toxic waste educating the public with the idea of security, safety, and overall optimal health. BlueStar prides themselves in keeping your data secure, while collecting electronics that could potentially pose a danger.

Remember to check out appropriate Earth Day activities in your community that help “give back” assisting in reclamation, removal, or recycling to keep our environment clean and safe.


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Blue Star Electronics (E-Waste recycling)

With Sincere Appreciation

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of all virtues but the parent of all others.” ~Cicero

In this season of giving, we remember and express appreciation to those who unselfishly give all year through. We are grateful for your efforts and want to sincerely express our gratitude. Your recycling efforts truly make a difference.

With your assistance, we have recycled over 2 million pounds (lbs.) of electronic waste. These accomplishments are momentous, and help to significantly revitalize our environment.

As we move into a new year filled with hope, we look forward to your continued partnership as we persistently work to protect our planet and all that is dear to us.

From all of us at Blue Star Electronic Recycling, we thank and wish you a warm, safe, and happy holiday season, and the very best in 2014.


The Team at Blue Star Electronic Recycling Company.




Blue Star Electronics (E-Waste recycling)


They litter your porches and driveways. They, in most cases, are riddled with misspelled words and bad grammar. Many do not contain pertinent, needed information, such as licenses, or permits. Many are not truthful.

Some recyclers leave fliers behind to encourage you to line your sidewalks with old, outdated electronics. If your items are retrieved (many are not, as promised), the “recyclers” who offer free-curb pickup, might not always be in compliance with the State of California’s laws for recycling, and shredding.

As a consumer of electronics that turn into e-waste, consider a more discerning practice of how to unload your used computers, hard-drives, monitors, printers, etc. Contact a responsible recycler who not only knows the laws for proper disposal of electronics; but, also who follows it. At Hayward E-waste, you may drop off for free, or we will pick up from your place of business at no charge.

Why should we all care about how our electronics are dumped, or disposed of? The future of our planet is at risk if we all just “dumped” our e-waste anywhere we desired. Our landfills are overcrowded as it is, and electronic toxicity is an issue now.

To be more proactive about how you are treated by the “other” recyclers, phone and ask them to stop delivering their fliers, and then phone a recycler who has your best interests at heart, handles recyclables correctly, and truly cares about our environment.

Did I mention that you can drop-off for free?

Recycling News

CalRecycle: California residents disposing less garbage per resident

California residents threw out 4.4 pounds of garbage per day in 2011, a record low, the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) announced.

The rate is calculated by taking the total waste disposed at residential facilities and commercial businesses and dividing that by population. The rate has been calculated since 1989; the state had a high of 6.3 pounds per resident in 2005.

The state’s overall diversion rate remains unchanged from 2010 at 65%, CalRecycle said.

“These rates are proof that we have strong and effective resource management efforts in the state,” CalRecycle Director Caroll Mortensen said in a statement. “Now we have a new goal: 75% recycling statewide. We’re excited to work with local communities and support emerging markets to recycle and divert even more solid waste in the years to come.”

Recycling News

Go Green Article We Can Learn From A 13 Year Old Girl

Go Green! By
Gianna Tabellija

Today I took a quiz
and realized that I am not green at all, when really I thought I was. So I did
some research on simple ways to go green.
Three simple things
you need to remember to do are:

Save water,      save energy,    and reduce waste!

Doing these things
can be complex or they can be a piece of vegan pie. Here is how to do them…

Save water-

  •            Use barrels of water outside the next time it rains, so when you
    want to water your plants just use the fresh rain water

  •         When using the dishwasher or laundry machine make sure it is a
    full load. Using just half loads uses twice the amount of water.

  •          After boiling water wait till it cools, then save it for watering

  •         When running a bath or shower put a bucket under the faucet while
    you are waiting for it to get hot. Use it for plants, pets, cleaning, etc.

  •          Turn off the faucet when washing your face, shaving, or brushing
    your teeth when you don’t need it,

  •         When printing use both sides of the paper. And on your e-mail put
    “think before you print” footer.

  •         When in the shower turn off the water when you are shaving, etc.

  •         Keep some water in the fridge for a quick glass, instead of
    having to use the tap.


Save energy-

  •     When starting up the car go ahead and drive the car right away.
    Today’s cars don’t need to be warmed up. That causes unnecessary pollution.

  •     As the day gets chillier closing the curtains will stop the heat
    from escaping the windows.   

  •     Use your window for natural lighting, instead of using lights
    during the day.

  •     Use the window as a fan, electric fans are so out.

  •     In our lamps use energy saving bulbs.

  •     Don’t leave your phone plug in all night. It only takes a few
    hours. Charge it when you get home, then take it out before you sleep.

  •     Pull all plugs out after you are done using them. And turn off

  •     Give your computer a good night’s rest too. Turn it off and save
    $ and CO2

  •     Turn off your laptop/ computer when you take a short break or use
    the restroom.

  •     Turn of the heater when you go to sleep, once you are snuggled up
    you will never notice.


Reduce waste-

  •     Donate your old furniture to a furniture recycler.

  •     Have garage sales or donate it to goodwill.

  •         Mow your lawn when its dry, and leave the clippings lying on the
    grass to break down and feed the lawn underneath.

  •         If you have a water cooler at work or home use a plastic cup
    instead of using paper of plastic cups.

  •     Go thrift shopping to find vintage clothing. It cuts our carbon
    emissions made by making new clothes.

  •        Use scraps of material from curtains and old clothes to make
    unique gift bags. You will not only reduce waste, but save cash!

  •     Rather than throwing away wine, put it in an ice maker for next
    time you need to cook with wine.

  •        Add a “think before you print” footer to your e-mails.

  •     Instead of buying little plastic packets of herbs, grow your own.
    Don’t have garden? A port or window box will do.

  •        Buying non-perishable products in bulk is a good way of cutting
    down unnecessary packaging.

The following tips were from the website furutefriendly.com


Here are some of my own tips, tricks, and products!

I used smaller font than I first planned. This helped save paper& ink.

  • Spread the word: E-mail this page to your friends or just show
    them on your computer, but think before you print 😉

  • Spread the word: Use and old t-shirt, sweats, or sweatshirt to
    make Go Green clothing. You can draw, write, tie- dye, stitch, or iron on go
    green icons or words.

  • Eat organic food, they don’t have nasty chemicals in them and
    they are all natural.

  • Use less paper in school. At the beginning of the year I always
    buy too much college ruled paper. So this coming school year just buy one pack
    and a binder. During the year if you need more, then buy it then. Also using a
    binder instead of notebooks help. Because the packaging in the notebooks we
    don’t use and never end up recycling.

  •  After buying beauty products no matter how cute the packaging is
    you need to recycle it!

  • When shopping if the bags are paper go ahead and save them to use
    them as gift bags (if you think having a Hollister bag for a gift is lame go
    ahead and decorate it!) if the store you are shopping at has plastic bags,
    put  your items in a different bag or bring a canvas bag.

  •  When grocery shopping either have no bags or canvas bags. If you
    forgot and have to many items to stick in your car get the plastic bags then
    use them for garbage bags, picking up your dog’s solid waste, or if you are
    having a garage sale use them for the people with a bunch of stuff.

  • Go through your old clothes and give them to younger siblings,
    cousins, or friends.

  • Every season go through you house and just get rid of stuff you
    don’t need any more.

  • In your bedroom have a garbage can for recycling, plastic
    bottles, and garbage. I have recycling and plastic bottle separate because you
    can bring in plastic bottles to a recycling company and get money off of that.

  • Have old electronics you don’t need? Recycle them to Blue Star
    Electronics for free. Call (510) 259- 1879

    Use eco- friendly beauty products. At the drugstore some good

  • brands would be: Bert’s bees, Aveeno, St. Ives, Physicians formula, Sally
    Hanson, and more. At Sephora or Macys: Origins, Josie Maran, Tarte, Korres,
    and more!

  • Go to Starbucks every morning? Use a portable coffee mug instead
    of getting the new paper cups every time.

  • Use henna to dye your hair instead of actually hair dye.

  • Make a compost

  • Lush products are great for the earth and their bags are 100%


I hope you enjoyed this and you will be using the following tips,

Gianna Tabellija

P.s. Think before you print 😉 How about forwarding?



Written By

Gianna Tabellija

A 13 Year Old Girl

Recycling Events

Earth Day 2011 Free E Waste Recycling Event in Emeryville This Friday

Free E-Waste recycling Drop Off Friday April 22nd 8:30am-1:30pm

Drop off Location: 6401 Hollis St #100, Emeryville, CA

This is your chance to get rid of that old TV and Electronics waste come and celebrate Earth Day and save the Earth. Any Questions about any item to recycle please call Blue Star Electronics, LLC  Call 510-259-1879


Blue Star Electronics (E-Waste recycling)

recycle electronics and what the options are

The use of electronic products has grown substantially over the past two decades, changing the way and the speed in which we communicate and how we get information and entertainment. Our growing reliance on electronics is illustrated by some remarkable figures. According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), Americans own approximately 24 electronic products per household.1

EPA is working to educate consumers and others on why it is important to reuse and recycle electronics and what the options are for safe reuse and recycling of these products. State and local governments, manufacturers, and retailers, who are already aware of the pressing need to better manage these materials, are providing more opportunities to recycle and reuse this equipment. Many computer manufacturers, TV manufacturers, and electronics retailers offer some kind of take back program or sponsor recycling events. Many states have passed some sort of legislation to manage end-of-life electronics, and more are expected to follow suit.

At Blue Star Electronics, LLC the E-waste recycling solution for your business is located in the heart of the bay area. You can call us for Free pickup of your electronics or you can drop off your e-waste Monday – Friday 9AM- 5PM

Let us know how we can help you with your e-waste needs.

Please call us at

(510) 259-1879

Also you can find more information about us on our website http://www.bluestarco.com