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The business of electronic recycling makes it easy for businesses to safely dispose of their office equipment including computers, monitors, printers, hard drives, etc. Our environment benefits when our electronics are gathered in the correct way keeping e-waste from landfills and eliminating the possibility for data breach.Since e-waste contains hazardous materials, the act of being environmentally conscious is up to each of us. We all must be accountable for our actions. The opportunity to recycle and shred responsibly also keeps us in control of our data security. If we fail, the planet fails as well. As in data destruction for personal and office use, if information is not erased, or eliminated, identity theft could control, or destroy life, as we know it. Proper “dumping,” recycling, and destruction is your best defense. Allow experts to accurately destruct and carefully remove information that is tied to you and your valuable business assets.Secure on-site shredding of your hard drive will help maintain your anonymity in the eyes of a potential threat. Remember, your hard drive is linked to your life. Protect it at all costs. Dispose of your old, outdated computer equipment. Period. Dinosaurs were never meant to live forever. Focus on purging your home, your office, and your life of the electronic clutter that could one day be your demise.

At Blue Star Electronics Recycling, Located in Hayward, CA 94544 we can help you with eliminating the headache of recycling and worrying about the information on your hard drives.

We offer free pickups all over the Bay Area and house a secure facility to remove the hard drives and shred them in our shredder.


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Blue Star Electronics, LLC in Hayward, CA 94513 provides secure HIPPA compliant destruction, shredding and disposal services of hard drives, backup magnetic tapes and other storage devices.

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