The strength of Earth Day is to dispose of electronics responsibly

Earth-Day-2015Earth Day was the genius idea of Senator Gaylord Nelson, in 1970. Earth Day now draws millions of participants to a day and weekend dedicated to celebrating the earth’s environment. Many celebrate Earth Day by spending time outdoors planting trees, cleaning up in parks, going on nature walks, and learning more about our precious Earth and how we can help preserve her beauty and resources.

With April 22 designated as Mother Earth Day, activities are happening all around the Bay Area, where parents and children have the opportunity to immerse themselves in fun deeds that celebrate the joy that our planet Earth brings to us.

One way that we, at BlueStar Electronics, encourage the strength of Earth Day is to dispose of electronics responsibly. Dumping technology just anywhere is totally unacceptable, which is why we inspire others to bring in or schedule a pickup where we can claim your spent electronic waste and in many cases, turn it around for reuse.

BlueStar Electronics is your electronic waste company dedicated to Mother Earth and saving her for future generations. Many are uneducated and do not realize the ramifications of disposing waste improperly. By visiting our website at www.bluestarco.com we explain to and educate our customers about how we help clean up the environment, and save Earths’ citizens from illnesses due to toxins that are associated with illegal and unethical dumping of electronics.

Our planet deserves a positive environmental impact, and it’s up to us to bring it!