As We Give Thanks…

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect. We remember who and what we are grateful for.  We, at Bluestar Recycling, are thankful for you, our valued customer. We are grateful for your continued support, and love for the environment. You understand what it means to recycle to help our planet, and shred your most prized information, for your security. 

As we all do our part; the environment and planet will thrive. Giving back in the form of recycling is an unselfish act. It shows others, and teaches our children what we must do to re-use materials, and keep them from landfills and dumping grounds that are toxic. Early education is a gift that we give our future generations to use as an instant response.

As we gather with our loved ones this holiday, we might remember the many ways that our planet serves us. In giving back, and recycling our outdated electronic materials, we appreciate our ability to live in an environment that is, with your help, one that offers rewards of a healthful lifestyle.

Happy  Thanksgiving. 


From Blue Star Electronic Recycling

Hayward , CA


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