Blue Star Electronics (E-Waste recycling)

Peace of Mind Through Safe Shredding

As business owners we cannot be too careful with our data. In order to protect your company and employees, the right decision is to use a data destruction company, once your electronics are deemed no longer useful. When your CPUs, laptops, printers, servers, telephone networks, and mobile devices are ready, those who professionally destruct sensitive information are experts and guarantee that your security will not be breached.

When mere recycling and office shredding are not appropriate, a state-of-the-art data shredder will take on the job for you. Your assets will be eliminated safely and you will be assured that your susceptible information will not be in harm’s way, or get into the wrong hands.Using an array of data destruction techniques from overwriting of the hard drive to actual physical destruction, your assets can be destroyed either at your workplace or offsite. Being compliant with the laws under the Department of Defense, safe shredding is how we keep you safe. Once eliminated, your company will receive a certificate stating and ensuring that your company is released from all hazards linked to the end-of-life associations with your electronics.

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Hard Drive Shredding-Hard Drive Destruction-Secure

Blue Star Electronics, LLC in Hayward, CA 94513 provides secure HIPPA compliant destruction, shredding and disposal services of hard drives, backup magnetic tapes and other storage devices.

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Blue Star Electronics (E-Waste recycling)

Your sold, donated or discarded computer could cost you thousands!

Don’t give away your personal information with your old PC. Over the past five years, one in four
households was victimized by identity theft. If you do not erase your personal information before
selling or donating your computer, your personal identity or company trade secrets could be stolen
and used against you. Deleting a file, partitioning a disk, or formatting a hard drive will not erase
your data. We can securely overwrite and remove ALL of your information giving you the peace of
mind you deserve.

We at Blue Star Electronics, LLC have the ability and expertise to:

• Permanently destroy your computerized data by simply running your hard drive(s) through our
hard drive shredder.
• Shred your hard drive(s) eliminating any chance of your critical/ personal data from getting into
the wrong hands.
• Totally eradicate your data and supply you with a certificate of destruction for your peace of mind.

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