Memorial Day…A Time to be Grateful

Memorial Day…the day when we give thanks to our men and women who gave the definitive cost…their lives. We are free today because of their bravery, and selflessness.

We, at BlueStar Recycling, encourage you to thank the heroes; those who are serving and fighting to preserve our nation and keep us safe. What they do is so important and deserves our gratitude.

Memorial Day is much more than a holiday where we attend barbeques, fairs, and picnics. We stop and consider all of our finest who gave on the battlefields and elsewhere. War is not only gaged on the frontlines. It is fought in our cities, and on the homefront.

Teach and read to your children about who defends our country, who the people are who dress up in fatigues and proudly walk our streets to keep a vigil so that we can remain confident.

Celebrate what independence means to you. Celebrate for the children who get to meet their dads for the first time. Celebrate for the wives or husbands who come home and are able to find jobs. Celebrate what you have because of what has taken place in foreign lands and at home. Remember the uniform…remember that it stands for freedom, justice and our America!


Mother’s Day…A Day of Her Own.

Mother’s Day is an entire 24 hours set apart to honor mothers. We celebrate that special woman who, in most cases, gave us life. She is the one who raised us, gave us meaning, integrity, and a place in this world. We celebrate motherhood in general, the gift of maternal nurturing, bonding, and the inspiration that moms play in our culture.

Our relationship with our mothers is one like no other! As we look back, we may remember the delicious aroma of dinner, baking cookies, reading stories, learning how to ride a bike, and receiving a kiss or a hug goodnight. Mom was the Brownie leader, the one who helped with school projects, the one who braided our hair, paid for the barber, and held our hand across the street. She also said NO…a lot! We know that while she only did that for our own good; in our own minds…it wasn’t!

Over the years, the role of mom has evolved to more than dinner on the table, or team mom for soccer, and Little League. Mom now is often the dad too. She might wear many hats in a family, and be the one who “brings home the bacon.” The new American family might have mom at the helm as Mom 2.0.

While Mother’s Day is not a federal holiday, some businesses close, while some flourish with record-breaking sales. Always celebrated on a Sunday, celebrations around the Bay Area remind us that our attention, for all the things that she has done and continues to do for us, be turned toward mom. During the year, it is the most popular day for telephone calls.

Mother’s Day celebrations began in the U.S. around the 20th century. With a few intervals over the years, the heartfelt “holiday” is now well-regarded with hand-made gifts, flowers, a meal out, a BBQ, a movie, a greeting card, and/or a phone call. This Sunday, May 10 – we honor those we call “Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!