Blue Star Electronics (E-Waste recycling)



Earth Day…April 22, is a notable event celebrating our environment. Recognized annually, we exhibit characteristics supporting: practical education, activities to clean up our surroundings, and recycling items that are toxic to our population, and atmosphere.

First proposed in 1969, by John McConnell – peace activist, Earth Day was founded to honor our Earth, with a way to bring about peace. On April 22, 1970, Earth Day was made official in the United States, engaging activities focusing on ecological concerns.

We are encouraged to participate in Earth Day events that not only promote harmony, but also to remove those items that could be deemed harmful to our planet.

Bluestar Recycling Company is committed to helping rid the planet of toxic waste educating the public with the idea of security, safety, and overall optimal health. BlueStar prides themselves in keeping your data secure, while collecting electronics that could potentially pose a danger.

Remember to check out appropriate Earth Day activities in your community that help “give back” assisting in reclamation, removal, or recycling to keep our environment clean and safe.


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