Blue Star Electronics (E-Waste recycling)


They litter your porches and driveways. They, in most cases, are riddled with misspelled words and bad grammar. Many do not contain pertinent, needed information, such as licenses, or permits. Many are not truthful.

Some recyclers leave fliers behind to encourage you to line your sidewalks with old, outdated electronics. If your items are retrieved (many are not, as promised), the “recyclers” who offer free-curb pickup, might not always be in compliance with the State of California’s laws for recycling, and shredding.

As a consumer of electronics that turn into e-waste, consider a more discerning practice of how to unload your used computers, hard-drives, monitors, printers, etc. Contact a responsible recycler who not only knows the laws for proper disposal of electronics; but, also who follows it. At Hayward E-waste, you may drop off for free, or we will pick up from your place of business at no charge.

Why should we all care about how our electronics are dumped, or disposed of? The future of our planet is at risk if we all just “dumped” our e-waste anywhere we desired. Our landfills are overcrowded as it is, and electronic toxicity is an issue now.

To be more proactive about how you are treated by the “other” recyclers, phone and ask them to stop delivering their fliers, and then phone a recycler who has your best interests at heart, handles recyclables correctly, and truly cares about our environment.

Did I mention that you can drop-off for free?

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