Blue Star Electronics (E-Waste recycling)

What Happened To My Old Ipod?

So…now you have made a conscious effort to help the environment, and safely dispose of your electronic waste (e-waste); ipods, hard drives, computers, printers, cellphones, monitors, laptops, batteries, etc. Upon asking yourself what happens to them now; you need to know how this impacts our earth.

The recycling process can be tedious and difficult. From circuit boards, to wire, to small knobs on speakers; while nearly all electronic parts can be recycled, each one must be carefully considered in the process of what’s next.

Steel, plastic, glass; many parts of the electronic units are stripped out and separated, even the copper wire. Once separated, parts are sold to recycling houses to be constructed into other uses – perhaps other computers, printers, handheld devices, etc.

Each item has a “house” or place to go in the U.S. when it’s of no more use. The copper wire for example, is collected and sent to a wire cutter, and a smelting (melting) house. Plastics are sold to a plastics recycling company, and the same is true for the steel, glass, gold, and other precious metals.

Almost 100% of an electronic item can be recycled. This is huge in the grand scheme of how we treat our planet. Think about this as you decide to let your electronics “go” due to age, poor performance, or the need for the latest in upgrades that make you more successful by improving your efficiency.


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