Blue Star Electronics (E-Waste recycling), Recycling News

Make Money By Recycling

To reach or surpass your diversion goal, we encourage you to support the three R’s-“Reduce, Re-use,
and Recycle”. “Reducing” and “Re-using” materials is the cost efficient strategy to waste management.
What’s left after reduction and reuse takes place, is recyclable material. Recycling has become a huge
business unto itself! The logistics of what type of garbage and how it’s is diverted and dispersed has
opened up myriad opportunities for a profitable business!
SOUND BITE: Russ Collar, Owner of “The Original Hot Logs”. “This whole uh, process started, from
the fact that we’ve got, uh, wax produce boxes in mass, been going to landfills for years, nobody knew
what to do with them, a couple of vintners came up with the idea of how to chip ‘em up and turn them
into a firelog and, I saw the process, liked the whole process, um, and stepped in and said, yeah, it’s a
good idea, let’s see what we could do. Holiday Market actually was very instrumental from the
beginning seeing that they could save money by getting the wax boxes out of their waste stream, they
saved, they estimated 125 or150 thousand a year leaving the tipping fees and hauling waste costs and
it made it very feasible for them to deliver the waste product to us and pick up firelogs and take them
back to the store to make it very close loop, total transformation product-taking something out of the
waste stream, out of the landfill, and turning it into a real value added, real, uh, quality product.”
When you divert your waste, the recycling industry cycles billions of dollars back into California’s
economy thus adding jobs, sales, and other economic activity that are generated when those materials
stay in circulation!
SOUND BITE: Roberto M. Gomez, Facility manager at BFI, Fresno. “Recycling makes economic
sense. One is we divert material from the landfill. Two is we use less raw material, and third is we
employ people to sort the recyclable material from the landfill.”
Economically and environmentally-sound manufacturing businesses are making money by re-using
“feedstock” such as food scraps, yard and grass clippings-known as “green waste”, paint, batteries,
wood and other construction materials. The item either finds a new life as a different product, or is used
as the same product with a different owner.
Collecting, sorting, cleansing, treating, and reconstituting materials that would otherwise become waste,
and returning them to the economic cycle in the form of material for new, re-usable, or recycled
products makes CENTS (sense).
We should all look at waste as a valuable resource for the materials it contains

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