Recycling Events

Fund Raising Event at Krey Elementary in Brentwood Saturday December 11th

Free E-Waste Drop off at  Krey Elementary School in Brentwood, CA Saturday, December 11 from 9-2.

This Fund Raising event is a great way to get rid off your old TV, Big CRT Monitors so you can make room for your new Plasma, and LCD Monitors.

Blue Star Electronics recycles all types of electronics. If you are not sure if we recycle what you have or not please call us at 510-259-1879

Bring your unwanted Electronics to recycle with a safe and secure manner using Blue Star Electronics’s fast, secure and reliable service.

( The E-waste recycling company Blue Star Electronics has been in business for over 13 years in Bay Area). We strive to give our customers a 5 star service. We have an electronic shredder in our facility to shred the hard drives from your computers so no one can take your information.

For more information please go to

For more information about the free E-Waste drop off This Saturday at Krey Elementary please call 408-210-4121

190 Crawford Drive
Brentwood, CA 94513-5628
(925) 513-6400

1 thought on “Fund Raising Event at Krey Elementary in Brentwood Saturday December 11th”

  1. The event today was fantastic thank you to all the parents, teachers and community that brought some of their e-waste to recycle with Blue Star Electronics, LLC,
    It is small stuff like that which helps the schools, community and the earth. Blue Star Does not fill the land fill with the electronics or sends the items to china they recycle everything in house and all goes to good use.

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